What’s the real reason to do cloud, again?

Cloud computing is having a dramatic impact on all aspects of our lives: as consumers, we spend our time on cloud-based social networks and using apps downloaded from the cloud; as employees, we use a variety of cloud-based software applications; as citizens, we file our taxes and even encourage social transformation via the cloud. For


CompTIA Expands Engagement with Canadian IT Industry

CompTIA, the IT Industry Trade Association, said today (25th Sept 2014) it is expanding its engagement with manufacturers, distributors, solution providers and other organizations active in Canada’s vibrant IT industry.   CompTIA is the voice of the world’s information technology industry The CompTIA Canadian IT Business Community launched this month with a kickoff meeting in


Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Poses Threat in Singapore

Singapore’s ability to fight a rising threat from hackers is hindered by a skills shortage and lack of awareness among companies, according to the computer security firm that runs a state-supported training center. “We do see a lack of capability and capacity in skilled professionals, and that’s partly due to massive demand across the world


Top 10 Things Cyber security Professionals Need to Know About the Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is accelerating, creating significant opportunities for organizations, individuals, communities, and countries as more things come online – along with the people, processes, and data that interact with them. Building on the foundation of the Internet of Things, or IoT, that refers to the connection of physical objects only and doesn’t


The great security spend: Why is cyber-defence such big business?

“You saw IT spending dip during the recession years, but you did not see security dip,” crackles the voice of Jody Brazil, CTO and Founder of FireMon from the boardroom phone. “it’s because security is seen as a must-have, and whilst IT is of course one too, it’s one that measured by ROI whilst security