Hackers steal £650 million in world’s biggest bank raid

British banks are thought to have lost tens of millions of pounds after a gang of Russian based hackers spent the last two years orchestrating the largest cybercrime ever uncovered.   As much as £650 million is thought to have gone missing after the gang used computer viruses to infect networks in more than 100


Three in Four Marketers Expecting Pay Rise in 2015

Three-quarters of UK marketing professionals have said they are hoping to secure a pay rise in 2015, with 70% expecting a bonus, according to recruitment consultancy Robert Walters.   The results come from the Robert Walters Pay & Bonus Survey, published today (10 February), featuring the views of 872 professionals on remuneration expectations, readiness to


Why We Think Carefully About Font in Web Design

Contrary to popular belief size matters! Now, get those dirty thoughts out of your mind and let’s discuss typography.   With the demand for responsive web design has come the need for web designers to refine their skills, especially when it comes to font and typography.   Having a huge bearing on reader experience typography


The Most Undervalued Project Management Skill

Find out which word more project manager job descriptions should include to better reflect that managing projects is more of an art than a science.   The staples of sound project management are fundamentally administrative. They include ensuring that all project tasks are thoroughly defined, and that everyone engaged in the project has visibility of


Why Emotionally Intelligent People Make more Money

The workplace should be a professional environment: tough, efficient, and free from emotion, right? Wrong.   The old adage about leaving your emotions at the door before stepping into the office is dead, according to a recent study from the University of Bonn. Published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior in November 2014, the study


Six Issues Surrounding IOT Security in 2015

The Internet of Things continues to build momentum, with connected devices ranging from fridges, light bulbs and TV’s. The question is, what happens to the data these connected devices create? What do we need to do to secure these networks? CBR looks at what the industry experts have to say on IoT and security, giving


The Secret Behind Making a Successful Career Change

If you’re stuck in a mid-career rut and feel as though you’re dragging yourself into the office every morning, chances are you’ve already considered jumping ship. Handing in your resignation letter may provide a temporary dose of satisfaction, but then sets in the fear. What will I do now?     While the standard advice


Ethical hackers combat cyber criminals to boost public safety

(BPT) – Home Depot announced that personal financial information from 56 million credit and debit cards was at risk following a data security breach in September. Americans were still reeling from the Heartbleed bug, which compromised the security of some of the country’s largest companies in April 2014. Today cyber hacking – a crime that


VMware is going to do Linux VDI too

…So what if it’s a niche of a niche, people need it.   In August, Citrix released a tech preview of Linux Virtual Apps and Desktops delivered from XenDesktop and XenApp, which conjured up memories of my one foray into MetaFrame for Unix way back in ought-two. In that project, they had an IDE that