Hiring managers recall most memorable CV blunders

More than half of employers (56%) have caught a candidate lying on their CV according to research from recruitment software provider Careerbuilder.   The survey, which polled more than 2,500 hiring and HR managers, asked employers were to recall the most memorable CV mistake they have ever seen, ranging from innocent spelling mistakes to outright


Keeping your professional development continuous

Employees are constantly being assessed on their knowledge and skills. So how can you stay on top of the game?   Do you remember leaving school or university and thinking that exams and assessments would be a thing of the past? It doesn’t take long to realise that the workplace can be an equally intense


Online learning lures 300,000 students to UQx courses

UQx, The University of Queensland’s massive open online course (MOOC) provider, has surpassed UQ’s yearly on-campus enrolment, luring 300,000 new students from around the world.   Two UQx courses, THINK101x The Science of Everyday Thinking (with more than 127,000 students) and WRITE101x English Grammar and Style have had larger enrolments than UQ’s entire on-campus cohort.


Leaders discuss taking online learning from an alternative to a “must”

Advocates say going online in higher-ed allows for educator collaboration, competitive advantage.   online-teaching-learningUntil recently, online learning has been viewed as either solely for those interested in adult education or as a branding tactic for innovative institutions.   And though online learning is still one of the most accessible ways of providing quality postsecondary education


Opportunities in Office Administration

Behind every great business is a team of great office administrators – no business can function without them. It takes a special kind of person to be a fantastic office administrator – and that person could be you.   Office administration positions are amongst the most frequently advertised and highly sought-after jobs, providing job security,


Why your computer science degree won’t get you an IT job

Many students with IT degrees think that’s enough to have recruiters falling at their feet. They’re wrong. Even if you’ve studied computer science, there’s more you need to do to make yourself employable.   You’ve chosen a vocational degree. You know that technology is only going to play a greater and greater part in our


3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Human Resources

For many Human Resources (HR) organizations, the move to cloud-based software delivery is inevitable. Cloud is already living up to its promise at many companies, empowering HR to be more strategic and employees to be more productive. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone fully understands its benefits, or isn’t concerned about the risks inherent to


4 Ways to Earn a Raise

Do you want a raise? Although most people would answer “yes, absolutely” to that question, few people feel comfortable asking for one. And sometimes, an employee who does actually ask for a raise has done very little to increase his or her value to his employer to therefore warrant a pay hike.   So, how


Cisco’s winning $1.5 billion bet on Israeli high-tech

Fifteen years ago, the giant United States maker of networking equipment Cisco was one of the symbols of the bubble. For several weeks in the year 2000, its shares were traded on Nsadaq at a market value of more than half a trillion dollars, making it the most valuable company in the world at


Obama in new push over cyber security

The White House is preparing a new cyber security executive order to improve the sharing of information between companies and government about hacking threats which President Barack Obama will announce at Friday’s cyber security summit in Silicon Valley.   In an event which will open with a speech from Apple chief executive Tim Cook, but