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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


Six Sigma deployments demand major investments of time, effort, and money on behalf of an organization. Organizations need to exercise due diligence to determine if Six Sigma is the appropriate approach to employ, or if a less demanding quality and process improvement approach is better suited to meeting their needs. Success of these improvement projects largely depends upon the Six Sigma teams that understand the project goals.
Six Sigma Black Belts lead these teams and must have the qualities and qualifications required to deliver the expected results.
This course deals with the key considerations around the selection of kaizen and Six Sigma projects. It also explores Black Belt roles and the associated Black Belt qualifications needed for leading Six Sigma teams to realize their project goals.




Six Sigma Black Belt: Enterprise-Wide Deployment

  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Projects and the Black Belt Role
  • Six Sigma Leadership and Change Management

Six Sigma Black Belt: Organizational Process Management and Measures

  • Critical Requirements and Benchmarking for Six Sigma
  • Business Performance and Financial Measures in Six Sigma

Six Sigma Black Belt: Team Management

  • Forming Project Teams for Six Sigma
  • Motivation and Communication in Six Sigma Teams
  • Managing Six Sigma Team Performance

Six Sigma Black Belt: Define

  • Using Voice of the Customer in Six Sigma
  • Developing Project Charters and Tracking Six Sigma Projects

Six Sigma Black Belt: Measure

  • Process Characteristics for Six Sigma
  • Data Collection and Measurement in Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Measurement Systems
  • Basic Statistics and Graphical Methods for Six Sigma
  • Probability for Six Sigma
  • Process Capability for Six Sigma

Six Sigma Black Belt: Analyse

  • Correlation and Regression Analysis in Six Sigma
  • Multivariate Analysis and Attribute Data Analysis in Six Sigma
  • Hypothesis Testing Concepts and Tests for Means in Six Sigma
  • Tests for Variances and Proportions, ANOVA, and Chi-square Tests in Six Sigma
  • Non-parametric Tests in Six Sigma Analysis
  • Non-statistical Analysis Methods in Six Sigma

Six Sigma Black Belt: Improve

  • Designing and Planning Experiments in Six Sigma
  • Conducting Experiments and Analyzing Results in Six Sigma
  • Improvement Methods and Implementation Issues in Six Sigma

Six Sigma Black Belt:

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Six Sigma
  • Non-statistical Control Tools and Maintaining Controls in Six Sigma
  • Sustaining Improvements and Gains from Six Sigma Projects

Six Sigma Black Belt: Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Frameworks and Methodologies

  • Common Design for Six Sigma Methodologies, Design for X, and Robust Design
  • Special Design Tools in Design for Six Sigma


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