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Project Procurement Management (PMBOK)


Projects routinely require materials, consultants, training, products, and equipment, along with many other types of goods and services. Project procurement is the process of purchasing products and services necessary to fulfill the objectives of a project. Procurements must be carefully planned and administered to ensure they do not cause a project to go over budget or fall behind schedule.
In this course, learners will gain an understanding of what processes are involved in planning project procurement and how these processes interact with the overall project life cycle. Common tools and techniques for planning project procurement will be covered, including make-or-buy analysis. Learners will be introduced to the process of developing a procurement management plan and determining which procurement contract best suits the project’s needs, which are both vital to ensuring a project manager is able to procure the products or services for project success.



  • Planning Project Procurement Management
  • Managing Procurements


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