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Professional and Senior Professional in Human Resources (PHR and SPHR) Course Series


This course series examines key skills required in human resource professionals, including the ability to lead and motivate others. Human resources concepts and applications are also examined, as well as ethics and professional standards that every organization should follow.
Among other areas,this course also provides insight into how to perform environmental scans, and discusses organisational structures as well as change management.


The course series is broken down into eight separate areas, ranging from workforce planning and employment, through to strategic human resource management.


Human Resources Core Knowledge (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

  • Skills, Concepts, and Tools
  • Functions and Activities

Business Management and Strategy (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

  • The HR Function and Business Environment
  • HR and the Strategic Planning Process
  • HR Functions and Roles

Workforce Planning and Employment (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

  • Employment Legislation
  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Sourcing and Selecting Candidates
  • Orientation, Onboarding, and Exit Strategies

Human Resource Development (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

  • Regulations and Organisational Development
  • Employee Training
  • Appraisal and Talent Management

Compensation and Benefits (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

  • Regulations, Strategies, and Needs Assessment
  • Managing Policies, Programs, and Activities
  • Organisational Responsibilities

Employee and Labor Relations (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

  • Employment Regulations and Organisational Programs
  • Behavioral and Disciplinary Issues and Resolution
  • Unions and Collective Bargaining

Risk Management (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

  • Organisational Risk and Safety and Health Legislation
  • Risk Management: Workplace Safety, Security, and Privacy

Strategic Human Resource Management (HRCI: SPHR-aligned)

  • Strategic HR for SPHR Exam Candidates Part I
  • Strategic HR for SPHR Exam Candidates Part II

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