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IT Project Management Essentials


This course covers a variety of areas considered key for all existing and up and coming IT Project Managers.  Areas covered include initiating and planning IT projects; managing risks in an IT project; and testing deliverables and closing IT projects.


Read this brief synopsis on the Executing IT Projects course module to get a flavour of the course:

The execution phase in an IT project is when the work gets going and the plan is transformed into action and results. From the start of this phase, it’s important for the Project Manager to establish regular communications with project stakeholders – management, the development team, sponsors, and others – to keep them informed on how the project is progressing. In addition to communicating regularly with stakeholders, a project manager should ensure that the team works well together and that the deliverables are meeting the quality standards, as well as other objectives, set in the project plan.


If you feel confident enough to advance your project management skills after completing this course, see our range of project management certification courses.




  • Introduction to IT Project Management
  • Initiating and Planning IT Projects
  • Executing IT Projects
  • Monitoring and Controlling IT Projects
  • Managing Risks in an IT Project
  • Testing Deliverables and Closing IT Projects


Course Delivery: Online

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