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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (PMI)


As a project manager, you will inevitably be called upon to address ethical dilemmas. The type and complexity of these dilemmas can vary significantly from balancing the competing interests of stakeholders to adhering to conflicting legal, multi-cultural, and multi-national rules, regulations, and requirements.
Addressing these issues is much more complex than simply deciding what is right and what is wrong. In an increasingly global network, project managers must proactively seek to understand cultural diversity, and how to work successfully with multi-national teams. Sensitivity to other groups, their social customs, and their means of doing business is key to success. Often, project managers will need to weigh all competing interests fairly and objectively in order to make the ethical decision that will have the most far-reaching benefits.
In this course, learners will explore the values underlying ethical decisions and behaviors as outlined in the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. For each value, learners will be introduced to the integrity aspired to, as well as the mandatory conduct demanded of project managers to effectively manage projects and further promote project management as a profession.
Topics covered include the behaviors that align with the core values of responsibility, respect, honesty, and fairness; how to integrate ethics into your project environments; and how to resolve ethical dilemmas. The course provides a foundational knowledge base reflecting the most up-to-date project management information so learners can effectively put principles to work at their own organizations.



  • The Role of Ethics in Project Management
  • Core PMI Values and Ethical Standards


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